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Small Business Hacking

A holistic approach to scaling small businesses

Does it feel like your business takes up all your time, money, and energy?

If you’re like me, you started your business to free up your time, make more money, and feel fulfilled. Unfortunately that doesn’t just happen overnight – getting to a place where you’re comfortable and profitable can be challenging for most first-time entrepreneurs.

Here’s the secret though – it’s only challenging because scaling your business requires a completely different mindset than starting one. In this FREE live training I talk about how to think like a CEO and scale your business without wasting a whole lot of time, money and energy.

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Topics Include:

CEO Mindset

Run your business like a CEO runs a multi-million dollar company.


Stop wasting your time on tasks that don’t need to get done or can be easily delegated.


Review and revise the systems in your business to ensure they still make sense.


Automate everything you can to prevent mistakes and wasting time.


Assess the tools you’re (not) using to decide if they’re actually the right fit.


If you don’t have good documentation, you don’t have anything.


Who is this Event For?

Small Business Owners who want to scale their business without wasting a whole lot of time, money, and energy figuring it out themselves.

Who is hosting the event?

Alex Delgado, a Small Business Coach who’s been in the corporate world for the last 18 years; the last 7 of which he’s spent traveling the globe as a Digital Nomad.

Alex has combined his Engineering and Business background to develop a holistic approach to scaling Small Businesses. Rather than focus on an individual dimension such as: sales, marketing, or operations, he looks at how the business as a whole is connected and operates.

When is it?

We try to host this event once a month. If you haven’t registered, the countdown timer above should let you know when the next event is scheduled.

Where is it?

This is a live event hosted via Zoom. We’ll email you the link (and a calendar invite) once you register to keep the event small and organized.

How much does is cost?

This is a free event.

Alex helped me identify and prioritize the most crucial elements of my business by helping me sift through all the thoughts that were running through my mind. That elevated much of the anxiety that was preventing me from moving forward and allowed me to focus on next steps.

Ant Gibbons
Father, Husband, Dreamer
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Alex was able to hone in on some blockages for me and help me blast through them. His very poignant questions caused me to be true and honest with myself… I can’t recommend Alex enough, he cuts through the bullshit, asks pointed questions, gets to the root of the issue at hand, and reignites that fire within others.

Nicholas Mendenhall
Owner, MoJerky